Tap of War
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Tap of War

My friends Changbi Li, Danny Nguyen and I coded and designed our very own iOS game called Tap of War. It’s a full game where two players tap as fast as they can on their color, moving the color across the screen to win. We plan for a late April, early May release on the App Store.
The Onboarding
For the onboarding, I wanted the player to have an intuitive learning experience. I see many games and apps that put a text wall between the game and the player. I designed a clean “intro sequence” that explained the game, without the text wall.
The first screen the player sees is a welcome message with a little prompt of how to start. Once the player starts hitting the red side, it moves to the next screen.
The second screen shows the player which side of the screen is theirs.
The third screen reminds the player about using multiple fingers to tap as fast as they can.