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I love listening to Podcasts. Podcasts like Radiolab, The Collective, and TED Talks are eye opening and among my favorites. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a well designed Podcast app on iOS for the serial podcast listener (pun intended). Below are screen shots of the current Apple made app, my thoughts and concerns, and my solutions to many of the problems I think it has.
iOS Podcasts
The Problem
When I design anything, I think about problems that need to be solved. Either in an app I’m remaking or starting from scratch, my process of design starts by defining and designing around problems. When you look at the Apple default Podcast app, many of the features and workflow can be improved.

One major pain point I found myself loathing about the app was an easy way to sort downloaded and un-downloaded episodes of a podcast. Take Radiolab for instance: the two lists are “unplayed” and “feed.” Downloading the entire feed of a podcast is wasting storage space and impossible for huge podcasts like TED Talks.

Yet I can’t view only the podcasts I’ve downloaded, I can only see an icon for un-downloaded and episodes I haven’t listened to yet. If I save an episode, where does it go? Much of the functionality just doesn’t make sense.
My Wireframes
I prioritized a top tab bar that lets you see episodes you have downloaded so you can easily download the podcasts you want to listen to, and remove them when you are done. You can also see how many episodes you have downloaded from the main screen. A download page alerts you when new episodes of podcasts you follow come out.
I added a subscription page much like Youtube and Vine to let people easily keep up with new podcasts in their favorite series. Also in the side bar is a favorites page, so people can keep track of their favorite episodes or episodes they want to share with friends.
The Dark Side
I feel like there is a lack of dark interfaces in apps right now. It’s getting better, Spotify recently joined the dark side, but there could be so many clean dark interfaces if more people tried out dark UI. I also went with a blue accent color and stuck to the apple full dot = unplayed idea.
This is how users un-download specific episodes from the downloaded list.
The blue dot next to subscriptions lets you know new episodes are waiting.