Carat down black


Changbai Li
This is an illustration I did for my good friend Changbai Li. Together we worked on Tap of War, and when he asked for an icon for his website and business cards, I could not resist.
Dark Souls 2
These are two swords my friend Tom and I made, both from the game Dark Souls 2. While I never had the skill to finish the game, I appreciate both its difficulty and its art style.
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
This is a battle rifle from the Halo series of games that I remade in a flat style. My friend Ryan and I plan to make a set of these that are all different guns from Halo.
The Hunger Games
I love the Mockingjay emblem, and those movies are some of my favorites. After I saw the second movie, I was inspired to create my own flat Mockingjay.
A monogram of my initials that I designed for myself. I love sharp-angled iconography because of the solid, powerful impression it makes.
Ender's Game
After I saw Ender’s Game I wanted to try my hand at future style interfaces. I love Ash Thorp and Gmunk – they were big inspirations for this animation.
JP Fairchild
My illustration for myself.