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Designer Sketchbooks

Designer Sketchbooks is a company Ryan Kiley, Spencer Powell, Danny Swan and I started this past year. We are making personalized sketchbooks built for designers to sketch and iterate their UX / UI ideas.
Dot Grids and Templates
All the sketchbooks we build have dot grids and device templates that give context to your ideas. The sketchbooks are tailored to suit your needs, and can be customized to include templates for iOS devices, Android devices, Desktop computers and even Smart Watches.
Website Mockup
This is a mock up of the home page. We decided on the classic startup large header image with a single call to action, to drive the user to start customizing. As the user scrolls down the page, we show off the quality of these sketchbooks while highlighting their special features.
The Team
I'm lucky enough to have amazingly talented friends who loved the idea as much as I did. We're all incredibly passionate about our work, but also have our own unique interests, which we highlighted here.
Investor Deck
Making an investor deck helped us understand the project from an outside perspective. We had to combine all the research we had done, user experience surveys that we put out and our marketing plan into a concise deck and elevator speech.
In Conclusion
DSB is definitely my favorite project that I have ever done. Be sure to ask for a prototype if you see me around! We are still working hard on every aspect of the project and are hoping to have the website up in late April.